Solopreneurship will not solve Africa’s unemployment woes

Sep 17, 2015 | | 2 comments

High unemployment is one of the major issues facing African economies and the entrepreneurship wave is seen as the perfect fix to solve this problem. We must recognize however that not everyone can be an entrepreneur and unemployment cannot be solved by having all our unemployed young become entrepreneurs. What we need is a certain number of entrepreneurs with the right skills, serving an existing market, who will be able to scale up their companies and hire more unemployed people.

Government (including public service and large state-owned enterprises) is seen as a the most secure path to financial well being and in our parents mind entrepreneurship is still seen as risky. The key to work towards full employment in Africa, as unrealistic as it might be, is to find the third option, between government or large companies, and one-man firms, made of companies of 10-100 people who can become the backbone of our economies.

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2 Responses

  1. Hi Kodjo, you did jusice to such sensitive topic.

    I was expecting some long and probably boring post but you just made it so clear and simple.

    I couldn’t have agreed more. Solopreneurship will not help the unemployment woes in Africa.

    What we need are entrepreneurs with the right mindset and skills that will employ others who are not employed.

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