PesaPal, payment processing in Africa

Sep 19, 2015 | | 1 comment

Think of PesaPal as a Paypal or Google Checkout for Kenya. Using this system, individuals and businesses can send and receive payments online or through mobile. The innovation is combining both the online and mobile payment systems. Kenya has been a frontrunner in terms of mobile payments globally. PesaPal builds on this by expanding the platform from the mobile handset only to the PC. Users can fund their payment through mobile money (such as M-Pesa), credit cards or PesaPal Wallet.

Typical transactions on PesaPal include paying your school fees, paying your utility bills, buying airtime and tickets. Some purchases can be done directly from PesaPal websites (such as purchasing air time for various mobile operators). A list of vendors accepting PesaPal is also available from the website.

Apparently beyond Kenya PesaPal is also available in Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Malawi and Zambia. I did not spend time to check the other countries versions and processes but my hope is to see companies like PesaPal expand across Africa and resolve the much need for online processing of payments which African businesses are confronted with.

To learn more about PesaPal or even sign up, if your country is covered, please visit

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