GiftedMom, mobile health platform for expecting and new mothers

Sep 11, 2015 | | Say something

GiftedMom is a project launched in Cameroon with the noble aim to reduce maternal and infant death, a problem that still subsides not only in Cameroon but in various African countries, especially in rural communities. Basically, expecting or new moms can sign up to the service through SMS and receive assistance or replies to their questions from qualified medical professionals. The initial subscription costs less than one US Dollar, and future messages and alerts such as reminders about vaccinations due dates etc. are free.

This is not a startup with the most advanced technologies. It is however one which can be easily used by its target market, and is saving lives as we speak.

Kudos to Alain Nteff and his team for coming up with this brilliant idea and making a true impact to their community. My wish is that they can, with the assistance of the various local and international partners, make it more ubiquitous and expand beyond the frontiers of Cameroon in a near future. My hope also is that this will inspire more and more young technology enthusiast in Africa to use their skills in social entrepreneurship and projects that contribute to the resolution of real problems in Africa.

You can learn more about the project at the startup website.

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